Dear Queen Elizabeth.

I studied English in the British Councils in Tokyo for four years. My international sennse was going up.A lot of good teachers,Lora,Lee and Fiona.

We sang British folk songs.I did FOLLOW ME all dictate.I like auld lang syne and have +++++a lot of good memories. I respect BBC and Britain.

Thank you very much indeed.


You invite Mr Trunp using Hands across the See.Could you talk about disarmament between USA Obama and China Xi jinping to him? I guess they

start beliving each other based on mercy to Japan. Could you talk to Trump `Please please belive Xi jinping step by step for world disarmament.becouse China has mercy.I guess both may be a good partner each other.I want that the Queen suport them for disrmament.

I help you.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely