Nobel Peace Prize CIVIL CARE of a letter of recommendation of KOREKIYO SUGIYAMA for the Ainu Minority ①Promotion of Ainu people


Minorities have a spirit of rising their own culture and support national strength , I will continue to develop ways to lead independence and coexistence and co-prosperity with the country while leading to economic development.

In addition to respecting religion and languages ​​as well as cultural promotion of primary industries and crafts, the ethnic identity is supported,through spending money on private property, I cultivate cultural excitement of people in ethnic minorities such as the Ainu gallery management,I also look for living and benefits for the Ainu people ‘s profit in the gallery and make a number of proposals. Graduation production brought the policies of the Iol business in Nibutani in Hokkaido and the gallery management  received Nibutani crafts to the designation of traditional crafts of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The land of Ainu culture which is a minority ethnic group in Nibutani, which I have been supporting.

If we are Japanese, People must manage Ainu people. Ainu People who have not resorted to severe discrimination and poverty have begun to gradually open their minds. I would like to think about policies that could be created in Japan together to make the Ainu people happy.

Keizo Shibusawa supported Professor Mashiho Chili and completed the classification of the Ainu dictionary. That’s why I would like to build a branch at Musashino Art University in Nibutani,which was Shigeru Kayano’s dream, it is also my idea of ​​graduation production. Mr. Kayano said that Shamo (Japanese) thought about the Ainu.

It’s been 8 years since I opened the Gallery Mozart. It is a gallery opened for Ainu crafts. Although I can not build a university, I opened it to think that it is meaningful for Ainu people to have a place of presenting works in Tokyo. About 30 Ainu people were exhibited. Results are going out. Designated as traditional craftwork of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Ainu Art and Craft exhibition was held at The Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art.Young Ainu people are more enthusiastic than ever.Successful inheritance. Ainu modeling will become the core of ethnic groups. Japanese people should also follow the enthusiasm for cultural preservation and utilization. Koji Yuuki held seven exhibitions and the evaluation is getting higher. An exhibition for 2 months were held at the Philia Museum in Kobuchizawa. An Ainu women was also hired at my gallery. The Ainu people should be able to manage the gallery with their own power.

I became to have a deep involvement with the Ainu people since I camped in Nibutani for a month to draw actual measurement charts of folk implements to help Mr. Kayano ‘s 『Ainu tools』 I drew them from 8 in the morning until midnight. I belonged to the archeology workshop so I became interested in hunter gatherer culture. Since I was a student of the Department of Architecture, I made a drawing of Nibutani’s future of graduation production. I thought about Nibutani for 6 months. The title is “Kotan and Ior”. I thought of art university and museums, houses, roads and land use in Nibutani, I made a drawing. And as they were a hunter gatherer, I also thought about a plan to use mountains of Ainu people called “ior”. Due to the shaping advantage of Ainu people, art university are set as the center of village development, making villages with crafts, agriculture and forestry for living. I selected art and agriculture and forestry as a way to adapt from hunter gathering to modern times. “Ior” is currently implemented as an “ior”business, young people are able to remain in the village. The people of Nibutani were pleased. The relationship got deeper.

However, after I tried to judge to the Supreme Court by land speculation.Nibutani fought up by raising up at the Nibutani Dam Construction. I can understand the feelings of those in Nibutani very well. I can understand each person. I’d like you to see the Nibutani Dam and the Ainu language school .

In my hometown, Tokyo Kyobashi there is the Ainu Cultural Center. I went to Nibutani, helped Mr. Kayano, graduation work of Nibutani for over 6 months, and also tried to judge each person, opened a gallery for Ainu in my hometown Kyobashi, and the Curutural center is nearby, I feel like Ainu people are realatives.Even though it was severe discrimination ,do not forget that there are also “chamos and sisamu” like me.

『The Ainu tools’s actual instruments drawing collection』 was published. Mr. Tuguo Aizawa and Musashino Art University Study Group on Lifestyle and Culture. It is a collection of drawings required for receiving Kayano ‘s 『Ainu tools』 as folk implements and 💮national tangible folk cultural properties. Ainu research on material culture will advance.

Club Tourism International Inc relaxes in Nibutani and carries out a tour of 4 nights 5 days. The parent company of the club tourism is the Kinki Nippon Tourist, and the research institute of for tourists was the Japan Tourism and Culture Research Institute, which was the director of Prof.Tsuneichi Miyamoto. I used this personal network when I decided to make a tour. I am glad that it worked. The members of the Club tourism will be nice people. Sot he people of Nibutani should be friends. I want the travelers to enjoy the thoughtful Nibutani.

Nibutani is becoming popular Dealings with Fiat, Yamato Kimono, Umeda Hankyu Department Store.Shinjuku Isetan Department Store are beginning to sell Nibutani items.They are very busy now.『Golen Kamui』 is also on a popular series.Let’s create an outdoor art museum in Nibutani and open the International Art Festival. You can produce artists like Sunazawa Viki. We will spread the art of Nibutani to the world of art and make it internationally recognized. how about that? Crafts, design, planning and related industries will improve

What should I do with the Ainu in Tokyo? Think about the Ainu people in Tokyo. How can I improve their standard of living? Why don’t we make a company? It is a Tokyo office that plans and sells Ainu culture and things like Nibutani crafts.It’s a thought to have an office in the Kyobashi Sugiyama building! Will it become profitable?How to sell 1 million yen each month?It depends on the idea. Start spreading footwear throughout Tokyo Ainu, making arts and crafts and getting wages, designing, planning, producing, event, event of Hokkaido based in Tokyo Anything can be done. we will pass all of Ainu related things here. It will be a agency. If they do not have talent, let Keio students help them.

Could the company name be Ainu Moshiri Co., Ltd.? It is a culturelly created company. They can manage it in their culture.

Ainu people lead cultured nation Japan and world.


Japan Investigation Center for Cultured Nation