Dear John and President Asad! Jerusalam conflict and Syrian Conflict


John! You’ve helped poverty in USA. In this case I support you.

And you may be able to solve North Korea problem.In this case I support you.

In thease cases you are supported by people in USA and world.

I guess you don’t ought to move to American embassy. Conflict will surely happen.In this case American and world probably don’t support you.You’ve solved coflict.You can solve conflict! You are trusted now!

Don`t broke it please!  Could’nt you move American embassy?


President Asad!

I`m sure you are a good medical doctor.

The Doctor is needed severe.

Politician is needed not only severe but also mercy and trust.

Asad! what ought to do next?


日本国国王 杉山是清      Korekiyo Sugiyama THE  GREAT

Japan Investigation Center for Cultured and Peaceful Nation.