Nobel Peace Prize CIVILIZATION CARE ④ The darkside of bars in Ginza


Enter Nishi-5th Street, first check the black suits in a bar Laotrec at the entrance to Ginza. Follow one-way traffic, walk in a certain direction , get through KonparuStreet, and return to the original. From about 10:30 pm to about 2:30 am.I am wearing yellow and walking. It is non-stop. I walked every day for two and a half years except Saturday and Sunday. At 1 o’clock a lot of taxis come in line. White Taxi is also stopped.I show the yellow color to the taxi driver. When I saw a Checkered radio taxi, courage came up. The National Tax Administration Agency caught a Madam of the bar called Queen of Ginza. The network of the darkness of Ginza was interrupted. The light is from Ginza.Bar Lautrec was also closed.


Back up by two guys at 3 am in Ginza

Two and a half years after I walked in Ginza,I was about to get hit by a van with traveling at high speed at a meeting. Two guys who saw that moment, If you were not there, I  would havd died like a dog .Thank you! Please have happy marriage. Did you see me in Ginza ? Is she well ? Isn’ he quite sleepy, too? Thanks to you I am doing fine as you know. I trust the police even more. G Men, take care and do your best ! Go ahead and go! ! In addition, let’s meet somewhere. I wonder if Ginza in the future will be good!


I’m glad I did it! !