Nobel Peace Prize CIVILIZATION CARE ⑤ The 45 year Criminal of dirty Sagawa Express p wireing puller scandal is The Nikkei and Seibu and Ohkubo.

I have been followed on the Sagawa Express for 45 years. It is daily during business hours except Sunday. They parked in the parking in front of our house for 25 years. After that it also stopped in front of my gallery. It is 8 years. Peep into my shop, I  cared and the Sagawa Express driver Matsumoto beat me and also kicked ten times. It hit the dolly. It is a crime of injury. On the contrary, I am preparing a damages claim of 4.5 billion yen, a consolation claim lawsuit. Nippon Express and Seino improved. The transportation industry has been normalizing but the remaining coarse garbage is Sagawa Express. They say the NIKKEY and Seibu are wire paid. It is a breach of criminal law violation of the law and conspiracy crime. Prosecute. Sagawa is a group of organized criminals, hired former gangsters and has kept peddling for 45 years. Women have been also aimed at.I guarded a number of times to stop the truck to ambush the return of the lady in front of the apartment in Nakameguro Ginza. In Iidabashi Cambridge English School.English school was threatened and The personal information of students going to was acquired. I can witness the delivery site and identify both the driver and the staff. I am a living witness. TSE will be th  e same sinner as Sagawa Express and will recive resentment from society and police if TSE approve the listing. Is there also a sense of ethics in the TSE ?The Nikkei average will fall. 3 times in Kisofukushima, 1 time in Takayama city Asahi village, 1 time in Echigo Yuzawa, they attached by the track .A private detective rided on the train.


I want to erase Sagawa Express from society. I have been facing Sagawa Express for 45 years. I catch Sagawa ‘s stretch number. I am also under thame. For couple of years, we have scrambled five to six vehicles of Sagawa Express coming after lunch break every day. Walk in the yellow wearing on the roadway. Take the car number of Sagawa Express, remember the face and name, and understand their condition .Fixed point, fixed investigation. Sometimes I was about to be hit by Sagawa Express as I was walking along the roadway. They make me intimidated ‘as “I bounce!”